Sunday, 13 August 2017

It's Been A While...

Hello Everyone, How are you? I've not posted in a little while, The reason? Not much to write.. Well so I thought but recently a lot's happened so let's have a little catch up shall we? 

July 23rd:

My Boyfriend came to visit me, We went a little walk with my dogs which was lovely he kept teasing me about wearing the hat as he was certain it was time for it to go!! (my friend cut my hair and well it was a disaster)He kept trying to take it off me and I wasn't letting him as the hair was squint and you don't wanna scare the guy off right?! then somehow I hurt my toe when we were out walking (I dunno how, Maybe when we decided to race each other.. Don't ask lol ) I didn't tell him as I didn't want him to worry. It turns out I did something to my toenail and well the toenail fell off last week (YUCK!) But apart from that it was a great day and we had a great walk. 

Here are is a picture I took Of us that day...

August 7th:

My nephew came to mine for a few days, On Monday we went on a little walk (I say Little it took us 2 hours as I got us lost! Great auntie skills right there!) So on our two hour walk we had quite a day some ups and some downs and a injury! At first my pedometer I was testing out wasn't working all that great in fact every hill we came to it would pause!! Or if I walked to slow... Ruby did her first back flip as she saw a dog and thought it would be a great idea to run up this huge hill as Logan was pulling her back, Then 'the first dog does the greatest back flip on a walk' happened! My nephew was so excited by this, He laughed and praised her for a solid ten minutes! however i'm sure her ego got bigger and she probably got slightly annoyed that she couldn't meet the tiny dog at the top of the hill and no doubt wished Logan had decided not to pull her back. Logan found this tree he insisted on climbing and wanted me to take a shot of him jumping from the tree, I did one better I got two great pictures! 

After all that excitement we found a very hidden bench in the middle of nowhere much to the delight of my tired legs, My nephew however thought that climbing trees and doing scare pranks were a much better idea than sitting down and enjoying the view (His aunt is very boring it would seem!)) 

After some pranks and much needed rest! We set off again, this time the happiness and enthusiasm was starting to disappear especially when my nephew thought he could race Ruby down this road... He was running into a disaster, He ran and fell into a ditch full of .... nettles! (OUCH!) after a wee cry and bit of itching he was ready to race the poor dog again!!(she wasn't ready for this!) off they went with Ruby a few seconds behind him probably thinking "why does this kid keep making me run.. Nobody mentioned food you know?!"  After another rest and running and playing in some cold water we headed home but before we did that Logan spotted a field he HAD to run in... Which ended in him with a rash over his face! 

You can watch the vlog of this day here:

August 8th:

The next day was quite funny, Ruby was very intrigued by what Logan was watching (My vlogs) So she jumped up on his chair sat next to him and watched the vlog with him very intently, Every time I went to vlog that morning she would bark at me as such to say "Mum do you mind i'm trying to watch this.. Vlog elsewhere!" It was however very cute! She truly loves my nephew and misses him deeply when he leaves, Every time he comes over she sits next to him as he plays his xbox and listens as he explains his games and even goes up to bed with him, I swear she loves him more than me! 

After Logan went Home this is the sight that greeted me after some editing, Two very sleepy Jack Russell's It's sure to say he tired them out! Well done Logan! 

You can watch this vlog here:

That's all for this week's Blog Post I Hope you enjoyed this one and I'll see all next Saturday for the next one 😊

Saturday, 15 July 2017

What I got Up To This Week/ Bad Cold!

Hello All, Sorry this Blog post Is late! I've got a really bad cold/flu (Not Fun!) I realized I hadn't written a post so I thought I'd write one quickly and just basically have a quick natter about what I've been up to this week, A day In the life kinda Blog Post I guess haha so let's start with...


My nephew and I, Logan went on a cycling adventure and we ended up having a little picnic which was fun, He was so hot after our half an hour cycle ride he ripped off his socks and shoes and jumped in the water (I was to chicken to join him!) We stayed there for about 30 minutes before we made the long cycle back, I actually today posted that vlog on my YouTube channel you can watch here:

Here are some Picture's from this day out:

He walked though the water and got to the other side (He was pretty pleased about it)

He was a bit stuck here... But he soon made a runner for it back through the freezing water!!

Making his way back.. Nearly there

Back on Dry Land!

Time for a much deserved picnic! 

Cycling to our destination!

Making Sheep Noises at the Sheep... They actually replied which my nephew found very funny! 

Back on our bikes


I was having lazy day as I wasn't feeling well I figured it was due to me not getting much sleep recently (I suffer from Insomnia) but later on that night I felt much worse and I came to realize it was actually a cold...


Day 2 of cold! throat started hurting and nose was all blocked! 😓


Day 3 of Cold... Felt awful!! But had a 6am start which I'm sure really didn't help me out, I had to go to a Art Class I started the Thursday before, We ended up doing Abstract which was fun, Now DON'T laugh here is my attempt (Yes I know... It's um... Interesting 😅)

We had a toy teddy bear we had to draw and from there the teacher got us to add whatever we wanted so that could be shapes, letters etc, Much later My nephew came over to mine again and we ended up watching a film at night, I ended up having my brother's dog too as my nephew really wanted her to come haha
Sorry this is so blurry... My phone is terrible!


We all went a small walk, I woke up that day to my throat so sore I couldn't swallow until I had a coffee which helped a little, However we went out as It was a lovely day even though I was super tired after walking for 10 minutes (Which made me sad!) It was super nice to be out and Daisy enjoyed herself as she got to go out with Logan and his dog and she didn't leave his side haha


So today I've been feeling a bit better, I feel this cold is more in my chest now but still very tired! Hopefully it goes soon!! I hope you enjoyed this rushed Blog post anyway and Hopefully next week my brain Isn't all mush and I remember the days of the week! haha I'm off to watch a film Have a good day/ night wherever you are and I'll see you next Saturday! 😀

Saturday, 8 July 2017

A Great Few Day's With My Nephew!

Hello All, I hope you're all well? Last Sunday My nephew was at mine for a few days. We ended up having a great time and In today's Blog Post I thought I'd write about it and show you all some pictures.


We took my two dogs (Jack Russell's) a walk It was a stunning evening and My nephew Logan got very excited when he saw some fields In fact he got so excited he wanted to run through one and he got SOAKED! When a City Boy comes to the Country it's quite fun apparently, He even caught a butterfly and he was so happy! It's the simple things in Life.
You can watch the vlog here:


On Monday Night, The cutest thing happened! He took my dog Ruby with him to bed (He always takes one up with him) When I went to check on him he was reading Ruby a bedtime story! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen, He was asking Ruby questions about the book which Character she liked etc and she would touch the page of her chosen fave character much to my nephew's delight. You can watch this cute moment here:
Earlier that day I had managed to fix up my bike which my nephew loved! He was showing me all these stunts he could do on my bike, We ended up taking it with us on our walk with Daisy, I set up the GoPro Hero 4 on it and got some cool shots. Daisy loved him having the bike she kept chasing him! She would not leave his side she loves him so much it's unreal!


 On Tuesday we had a bit of a lazy day but later in the afternoon we took Ruby out, Also the bike with the GoPro which again got some great shots of Logan going through some crazy puddles and up some dirt piles, You can watch that one here:
 It was a great day out! and I think Ruby had a great time too running along side the bike and running away as fast as she could before he reached each puddle (She hates water!) Each time he soaked her she ran over to me and rubbed the mud on me! (Thanks!) Soon it was time for Logan to go home but this coming Sunday we'll be doing it all over again 😊

 I Hope You enjoyed This Little Blog This week, I like writing about thing's I've been up too, If you'd like me to write more of this kinda thing let me know in the comments Until next Saturday, Have a great week and I'll see you all soon. 😃

Saturday, 1 July 2017

My YouTube Story!

Hello All, I hope Your All Well? Today I thought I'd Write about My YouTube Journey, It all started 3 years ago on May 5th 2014 I uploaded a rather cringe worthy video of me sitting on my bed talking to my web cam saying what I had done that day and why I had started my channel, Looking back now I find it so painful to watch for many reasons, One being I hadn't a clue what I was doing! and the other? Well my mum was ill very ill in fact she was dying with Cancer! I was her carer and was very alone and needed somewhere to escape for a few minutes a day just to get my mind away from death! I was 20 turning 21 the next month and already had gone through so much, I wasn't handling my mum being sick very well knowing she was dying and there was nothing I could do to stop this was so hard, Seeing her so ill everyday was hard so to help give me something positive I made my channel, At first it was just silly web cam videos but after a few of them I bought my first camera a canon IXUS 132 this was the camera I started to daily vlog on, At first I found it hard I wasn't the best at filming or editing but as time went on I got better They say practice makes perfect and boy were they right! I'm thankful that I started daily vlogging as I have memories of my mum in some vlogs that mean so much and I love that even though my mum knew she was dying she supported me and actually wanted me to film her which still surprises me! After she died I realized how much Vlogging actually helped me, It made my anxiety better helped me with my confidence! And Strangely got me though My Mum dying, So I made a decision I was gonna carry it on and I did and I'm glad I did, A year later My brother heard of a clay studio doing some classes near us and so took me along one day and so began a great Journey! Through that class I made life long friends and was the happiest I had been in years and I was allowed to Vlog!! Through vlogging I made friends with the people in the class I was so shy but when the camera was in my hands there was no stopping me, and now 3 years later I'm still vlogging! and LOVING it! I've made the most amazing memories through daily vlogging even though it's still painfully embarrassing to watch my vlogs but when I do I see how far I have come in the last 3 years!  So here is to the next 3 years!

Some of you that loves cameras might be wanting to know some of the cameras I have used I'll list them below:

Canon IXUS 132
Canon IXUS 145
Canon G7X
Canon G7X mark II

Here are my cameras I have used/Using:

My Second Camera Canon IXUS 145

My First Camera Canon IXUS 132

My Last Camera Canon G7X 

My Current Camera The Canon G7X Mark II

Some Other Equipment I have used/Have:
manfrotto min tripod
Neewer Ring Light

Laptops I use:
Hp Notebook

Editing Software:
Movie maker

I love vlogging and I can see myself doing this for many years to come It's so fun filming my everyday life and making the most amazing memories! If you'd like to check my channel out you can here:

Thank you For taking the time to read this Blog Post and I hope you enjoyed it, I will see you again Next Saturday at 6pm GMT 😃