Saturday, 26 August 2017

Baking For First Time!!

Hello, How are you? Well this week has been an adventure! I baked for the first time! That's right I baked!! and most importantly my house is still standing! 😆 It turned out good I thought Two were slightly burned but not bad, However I did struggle with the icing which surprised me I really thought I had that in the bag! It turns out it took me 4 attempts but even then it still wasn't great but i'll work on it! I LOVED it though it was a little stressful at the Icing stage it was fun.

Earlier this week America had a Solar Eclipse. In the UK we didn't have a solar Eclipse but we did have a partial Eclipse, It was still pretty cool even though it was very cloudy here but just as it happened the clouds started to move and we were treated to a very big orange sun it was pretty awesome!! 😎 I watched a live stream of the Eclipse in America and my dog Ruby enjoyed watching it too!

Today I baked some cookies. See now I've started I can't stop haha but they taste amazing and my nephew approves! You know they are good when a kid wants more! and yes in the second picture I may have pinched one.. I was making sure they were ready.. Honest! 😏

That's all for this week's Blog Post I hope you enjoyed it. I'll see you all next week with a house update got so much to tell you all 😁

                                                                    See You Saturday!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Making Changes! (Homeware Haul)

Hello All,  Hope your all well? I've had a busy few weeks sorting out my house, 3 years ago my mum passed away and when she died the house became mine but until recently I haven't felt quite ready to change it, After family telling me it was time It got me thinking that maybe a change wouldn't be so bad, So off I went onto Amazon and Moonpig to pick out pictures and make some too for my new look! I didn't know where to begin or what style I wanted so I stuck with a theme... scenic pictures (I was keeping my mums Artwork up so made sense) so I choose pictures with some nice scenic views and as sometimes I don't feel that motivated to do things I bought a canvas of a quote I really liked and I put it next to where I edit and write blogs so when i'm feeling defeated I can look at it and (Hopefully) It gives me the boost I need. I also kept up two pictures of my mum that I really liked, It was very very hard taking down all her pictures It felt like I was loosing her all over again I know that probably sounds really stupid or makes absolute no sense! By keeping the two pictures really did help.

On one wall I have two canvas pictures of My Jack Russell's I wasn't sure what to put there at first so when I went on moonpig I decided on those pictures as a picture of me would just be to weird 😆 On that wall there is also a picture of New York that I LOVE, My mum had bought it when I was a teen and I was obsessed with New York then and as soon as I saw the picture I feel in love even more with that stunning City, There is also a quote on this wall that I got when I went down to England and I went to York in Yorkshire.

When you come into the living room to your left is a picture I got at a local art gallery that has sadly closed recently,  Logan and I went there last year as Logan wanted to some art work for his room and he ended picking the most expensive one they had. The Picture I choose I loved straight away, I just loved the colours, The beach, The whole thing! I just never knew where I wanted it until recently, I was upstairs one night and I thought i'd take it down and see what it looked like once it was up, There was the first picture up and my mums first picture down! It was the start of a new journey.

Then I got a bit carried away (I always do when I start a project)  Over on the sofa I changed the cushions to a Dog theme (I got the cushions two years ago in Dingwall, Scotland) I added two hearts that my Brother and Sister in-Law gave me for my birthday this year (One heart is supposed to me, The other my boyfriend haha according to my sis in-law) Above the sofa I added this amazing Waterfall picture I just love! That I found on Amazon. Next to it one of my mums Oil Paintings. 

Further along this wall we come to the quote I spoke about earlier, Next to it a picture of My mum and next to that one of Charlie Chaplin, Those that have read my blog since the beginning and or watch my vlogs  know how big of a Chaplin fan I am, So there just had to be a picture of him up! 

In the future I want to maybe sort out the curtains and get new ones and paint this room too I was thinking a lavender colour think it would brighten up this room a little bit, Then after I'm gonna tackle the dining room and the kitchen, Only thing I've done to the kitchen is tidy it up a little. 

In the hallway when you come in there was a bit of a disaster zone, It was where cardboard boxes got kept until bin day and dog cans were there, It was just beyond it! So one day I got busy and tackled it and sorted it out, I hurt my back moving the big chest of drawers over then I carried a huge table from upstairs down stairs and putting it under the stairs for shoes and things to be placed on to look tidier. 

All In all I'm happy with the progress the house is going through it's getting there  and I can't wait to do more and i'll keep you all updated on how it looks 😊
Hopefully You all Enjoyed this week's blog post. I've been filming weekly vlogs this week so If you want to go and check my channel out and check the first weekly vlog I'd very much appropriate it.

Also If you want to look at what I bought you can here:


MoonPig: (You can create your own wall art, cards etc)

See You all Next Saturday at 6pm GMT 😉

Sunday, 13 August 2017

It's Been A While...

Hello Everyone, How are you? I've not posted in a little while, The reason? Not much to write.. Well so I thought but recently a lot's happened so let's have a little catch up shall we? 

July 23rd:

My Boyfriend came to visit me, We went a little walk with my dogs which was lovely he kept teasing me about wearing the hat as he was certain it was time for it to go!! (my friend cut my hair and well it was a disaster)He kept trying to take it off me and I wasn't letting him as the hair was squint and you don't wanna scare the guy off right?! then somehow I hurt my toe when we were out walking (I dunno how, Maybe when we decided to race each other.. Don't ask lol ) I didn't tell him as I didn't want him to worry. It turns out I did something to my toenail and well the toenail fell off last week (YUCK!) But apart from that it was a great day and we had a great walk. 

Here are is a picture I took Of us that day...

August 7th:

My nephew came to mine for a few days, On Monday we went on a little walk (I say Little it took us 2 hours as I got us lost! Great auntie skills right there!) So on our two hour walk we had quite a day some ups and some downs and a injury! At first my pedometer I was testing out wasn't working all that great in fact every hill we came to it would pause!! Or if I walked to slow... Ruby did her first back flip as she saw a dog and thought it would be a great idea to run up this huge hill as Logan was pulling her back, Then 'the first dog does the greatest back flip on a walk' happened! My nephew was so excited by this, He laughed and praised her for a solid ten minutes! however i'm sure her ego got bigger and she probably got slightly annoyed that she couldn't meet the tiny dog at the top of the hill and no doubt wished Logan had decided not to pull her back. Logan found this tree he insisted on climbing and wanted me to take a shot of him jumping from the tree, I did one better I got two great pictures! 

After all that excitement we found a very hidden bench in the middle of nowhere much to the delight of my tired legs, My nephew however thought that climbing trees and doing scare pranks were a much better idea than sitting down and enjoying the view (His aunt is very boring it would seem!)) 

After some pranks and much needed rest! We set off again, this time the happiness and enthusiasm was starting to disappear especially when my nephew thought he could race Ruby down this road... He was running into a disaster, He ran and fell into a ditch full of .... nettles! (OUCH!) after a wee cry and bit of itching he was ready to race the poor dog again!!(she wasn't ready for this!) off they went with Ruby a few seconds behind him probably thinking "why does this kid keep making me run.. Nobody mentioned food you know?!"  After another rest and running and playing in some cold water we headed home but before we did that Logan spotted a field he HAD to run in... Which ended in him with a rash over his face! 

You can watch the vlog of this day here:

August 8th:

The next day was quite funny, Ruby was very intrigued by what Logan was watching (My vlogs) So she jumped up on his chair sat next to him and watched the vlog with him very intently, Every time I went to vlog that morning she would bark at me as such to say "Mum do you mind i'm trying to watch this.. Vlog elsewhere!" It was however very cute! She truly loves my nephew and misses him deeply when he leaves, Every time he comes over she sits next to him as he plays his xbox and listens as he explains his games and even goes up to bed with him, I swear she loves him more than me! 

After Logan went Home this is the sight that greeted me after some editing, Two very sleepy Jack Russell's It's sure to say he tired them out! Well done Logan! 

You can watch this vlog here:

That's all for this week's Blog Post I Hope you enjoyed this one and I'll see all next Saturday for the next one 😊

Saturday, 15 July 2017

What I got Up To This Week/ Bad Cold!

Hello All, Sorry this Blog post Is late! I've got a really bad cold/flu (Not Fun!) I realized I hadn't written a post so I thought I'd write one quickly and just basically have a quick natter about what I've been up to this week, A day In the life kinda Blog Post I guess haha so let's start with...


My nephew and I, Logan went on a cycling adventure and we ended up having a little picnic which was fun, He was so hot after our half an hour cycle ride he ripped off his socks and shoes and jumped in the water (I was to chicken to join him!) We stayed there for about 30 minutes before we made the long cycle back, I actually today posted that vlog on my YouTube channel you can watch here:

Here are some Picture's from this day out:

He walked though the water and got to the other side (He was pretty pleased about it)

He was a bit stuck here... But he soon made a runner for it back through the freezing water!!

Making his way back.. Nearly there

Back on Dry Land!

Time for a much deserved picnic! 

Cycling to our destination!

Making Sheep Noises at the Sheep... They actually replied which my nephew found very funny! 

Back on our bikes


I was having lazy day as I wasn't feeling well I figured it was due to me not getting much sleep recently (I suffer from Insomnia) but later on that night I felt much worse and I came to realize it was actually a cold...


Day 2 of cold! throat started hurting and nose was all blocked! 😓


Day 3 of Cold... Felt awful!! But had a 6am start which I'm sure really didn't help me out, I had to go to a Art Class I started the Thursday before, We ended up doing Abstract which was fun, Now DON'T laugh here is my attempt (Yes I know... It's um... Interesting 😅)

We had a toy teddy bear we had to draw and from there the teacher got us to add whatever we wanted so that could be shapes, letters etc, Much later My nephew came over to mine again and we ended up watching a film at night, I ended up having my brother's dog too as my nephew really wanted her to come haha
Sorry this is so blurry... My phone is terrible!


We all went a small walk, I woke up that day to my throat so sore I couldn't swallow until I had a coffee which helped a little, However we went out as It was a lovely day even though I was super tired after walking for 10 minutes (Which made me sad!) It was super nice to be out and Daisy enjoyed herself as she got to go out with Logan and his dog and she didn't leave his side haha


So today I've been feeling a bit better, I feel this cold is more in my chest now but still very tired! Hopefully it goes soon!! I hope you enjoyed this rushed Blog post anyway and Hopefully next week my brain Isn't all mush and I remember the days of the week! haha I'm off to watch a film Have a good day/ night wherever you are and I'll see you next Saturday! 😀